When you start to lose your hearing, one of the most common things that you will get is a hearing aid to help you with your hearing each day.

A hearing aid is a useful device that comprises a few different components that amplify sound from the outside and help you hear things more clearly. They are useful devices and many people have a much better quality of life by having them fitted.

Today we want to talk about your trip to get your hearing aid fitted and some of the most important questions you should be asking during the trip. A hearing aid fitting is important to ensure that the hearing aid is fitted properly and comfortable with the choice.

Here are some of the questions you should ask your hearing specialist during your hearing aid fitting appointment.

How Do I Care for my Hearing Aids?

The first and most important question you should ask your hearing aid professional during the fitting is how you can care for your hearing aid to ensure that it stays functioning for as long as possible. Once your audiologist has gone through the causes for your hearing loss and has chosen the right hearing aid for you, while they fit it you can ask them about how to clean your hearing aids as well as avoid wear and tear that might otherwise ruin it. Being sure to have a good maintenance routine will help to keep your hearing aid in top condition for longer and this will ensure that you don’t lose any quality due to dirt or moisture.

Should I Wear my Hearing Aids All the Time?

One of the biggest questions you might not have thought to ask is whether or not you should wear your hearing aid constantly – even when you go to sleep. The answer to this is actually your own personal preference, as it is safe to wear a hearing aid all the time. It is up to you if you want to wear your hearing aid constantly and some people will choose this option as it betters the quality of their hearing so wearing it all the time can be useful. However, you might choose to take your hearing aid out for small periods throughout the day initially as you get used to having one and this is entirely up to you.

Are There Follow-Up Appointments?

You might be wondering once you have had your hearing aid fitted whether or not you will need any follow up appointments, and this is a very common question to ask. However, if your hearing aid has been fitted by a professional you should not need a follow up appointment unless something goes wrong. If you find that you have issues with the quality of the hearing aid, whistling, or feedback – this is a sign to make another appointment and get your hearing aid specialist to adjust the hearing aid for you during this appointment.