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Tony Perkins, MBA, BA, HIS – Trainee


Meet Tony Perkins, MBA, BA, HIS – Trainee

Having been born in Upstate New York with a severe hearing deficit in both ears, Tony struggled during his youth and young adulthood to hear the world around him. Throughout his time earning a Bachelors at Houghton College and a MBA at the University of Redlands he would often read lips and sit in the first row to catch what was being said. It wasn’t until after being married he was fitted with hearing aids and treated for his significant hearing deficiency. Tony’s firsthand knowledge makes him the ideal treatment specialist, because of this experience he is keenly aware of what hearing loss does to a persons’ quality of life. It has become his mission to assist members within our community through the Stockton Hearing & Speech Center, to help people live life fully- so they never miss a moment. Prior to being a business owner, Tony was a regional manager in the medical device & pharmaceutical industries. He is skilled in Business Planning/Operations, Management, Medical Devices, Marketing, and Medical Sales. Tony enjoys spending time with beautiful wife & three awesome kids, volunteering within the community, the New York Yankees and traveling.