Battery Options and Rechargeable Batteries

Most devices are now rechargeable!

Rechargeable batteries are now frequently included in the device package and you will not incur an additional charge or fee. For devices that don’t include rechargeable batteries, we’re including 3 years of free batteries with your purchase, along with a 3 year warranty. This exceptional value is our way of saying thank you for making us your number-one choice in hearing care. After 3 years, or for individuals who did not purchase a hearing aid through Stockton Hearing Aid Center, we offer 100 Batteries for just $60

Digital hearing aids require batteries to operate, and the life of a hearing aid’s battery is dependent upon several factors including size, brand, humidity and temperature, and when the battery was manufactured.  The battery life is also affected by what type of hearing aid it is used in, the style and brand, the listening environment it is used in, and how many hours of use it gets each day.

At Stockton Hearing Aid Dispensing Center we understand that you never want to find yourself out of batteries (and you certainly don’t want to spend more time than you have to finding and purchasing batteries for your hearing aid!), so we’ve made it easy and simple to keep batteries in stock.*

*If your hearing aid requires more than 100 batteries in one year, it may need to be serviced, so please contact us today to schedule an appointment to service your hearing aid.