Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

After selecting your hearing aids following an evaluation, your hearing professional will program them based on a prescription tailored to your hearing needs. During your appointment, your provider will explain how to use the devices, how to insert and remove them, how to replace or recharge batteries, and how to clean and care for them. This appointment typically takes at least an hour, so make sure you have enough time set aside. It's also helpful to bring a family member or friend for support and to help remember the information given. You can also request written instructions to better retain the information.

Understanding your hearing aids

It is common to have mixed emotions about the sounds you hear when you try on hearing aids for the first time. However, the goal of the hearing aids is to make everyday sounds clear and comfortable to listen to. If there are any immediate adjustments you would like to make, your hearing professional can help with small changes during your first fitting. They may also conduct additional testing to ensure that the hearing aids are providing enough sound in the areas where you need it. It is important to ask any questions or raise concerns you may have during this process.

Fitting your hearing aids

During your hearing aid fitting, you may be asked to complete a brief survey or answer some questions to assess your experience. It's important to be honest about what you hear so that your hearing professional can make adjustments to create the best possible listening experience with your new hearing aids. Keep in mind that the fitting is just the beginning, and additional appointments may be necessary to further customize your hearing aids to your liking.

Adjusting to Hearing Aids

Having a positive attitude is essential for success with hearing aids. Studies have shown that people who approach their hearing aid fitting with a positive outlook do better with hearing aids. It's important for both you and your family to have a positive attitude to ensure a better listening experience. It may take some time to adjust to sounds you were missing, but by working closely with your hearing professional, you can make the most out of your new hearing aids.