Starkey Hearing Aids & Accessories

Starkey Sound™

Effortless Hearing Has Arrived

Starkey's cutting-edge hearing technology provides you with the best Starkey Sound™.
Evolv AI, with up to 55 million personalized adjustments per hour, is expertly designed to automatically provide natural and authentic sound quality in any listening situation, allowing you to hear and enjoy your life to the fullest. With Evolv AI, a hassle-free hearing experience is guaranteed. You now have a comprehensive selection of hearing aid options that seamlessly integrate into your individual lifestyle.

Livio Edge AI

Give yourself an edge

Widex EVOKE hearing aids continue to improve over time, adapting to your individual preferences and needs. By using your smartphone, you can easily choose the sounds you want to hear and take control of your listening experience.
Livio Edge AI puts the power of artificial intelligence in your hands, providing you with unparalleled sound performance in even the most difficult listening situations. You have the option to choose from a standard rechargeable style or the world's first custom rechargeable hearing aid, giving you the edge you need and deserve!

Livio AI

Introducing Livio™ AI - the world's first hearing aid that offers exceptional sound quality and the ability to monitor body and brain health.

This innovative device is equipped with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, making it a versatile tool that revolutionizes the capabilities of hearing aids.
Unlike other fitness trackers that rely on wrist-based data, Livio™ AI uses the ear to provide highly accurate information about physical activity and cognitive health in social situations. This makes Livio™ AI the ideal device for reliable tracking, and the first-ever hearing aid to offer this feature.


Livio™ hearing aids offer superior sound clarity, comfort, and universal connectivity.

Using our innovative Hearing Reality™ technology, Livio is optimized for noisy environments, providing clear speech and comfortable sound. Livio also seamlessly integrates with your favorite digital devices and accessories to help you stay connected and enjoy:
  • Effortless transitions and natural hearing
  • Amplification of important sounds while preserving peace and quiet
  • Improved speech understanding in conversations
  • Direct streaming of phone calls, music, and messages from your smartphone
  • Remote programming, allowing minor adjustments without an office visit by your hearing care professional.

Additional Hearing Aids


Rechargeable Reimagined

Starkey has reimagined rechargeable hearing aids with a new, compact design that is both 100% user-friendly and long-lasting. This updated technology provides an immersive sound experience for true listening enjoyment.

The rechargeable batteries are designed to last longer and can be easily recharged using an all-in-one charger that can hold enough charge to provide portable charging without needing to be plugged into the wall.

These are the smallest rechargeable hearing aids currently available and are only offered in the Livio AI, Livio, and Muse iQ RIC models. Starkey's best hearing technology just got even better with this new rechargeable option.

Mini Turbo Charger

Our lithium-ion charging option is pocket-sized, but still powerful, providing the convenience of grab-and-go charging when used with our industry-leading rechargeable hearing aids. This option is only compatible with Livio AI, Livio, and Muse iQ rechargeable hearing aids.

The Mini Turbo Charger offers 3.5 hours of use with just a seven-minute charge. Your hearing aids will be fully charged in under three hours. A fully charged Mini Turbo Charger can provide up to four complete charges for a pair of hearing aids.