People interested in loud, potentially harmful sounds may have a hobby called "audiophilia," which is the love or appreciation of sound. There are many different types of audiophiles, including those that like to collect records and others that enjoy going to concerts at stadiums with music played so loudly it can cause permanent damage if not accompanied by ear protection.

The principal cause of hearing loss is prolonged noise exposure from things such as loud concerts or machinery. This damage to your ears can be irreversible, which means symptoms may not appear until later in life when you cannot hear people speak normally anymore because the damaged eardrums and hair cells have muffled the sound.

Here are a few hobbies that require ear protection due to loud noise. 

Shooting and Hunting

If you love hitting the target, make sure your ears are protected. As a result of loud gunshots up to 150 decibels, shooting regularly for an extended period has consequences over time that may lead to ear damage. Suppose you're going out shooting today or anytime soon in general. 

In that case, it is highly recommended that you use some form of protection like earplugs so that the noise doesn't harm your hearing ability and affect future activities. This may include conversing with people speaking at normal volume levels, without yelling or turning down the TV because conversations aren't heard well enough anymore.


Watching motorcycles racing on the track can be deafening, and over an hour of exposure may cause permanent ear damage. If you are a motorsports fan or racer, it's best to take ear defenders or plugs with you to races so that you won't have any long-lasting effects later. Take your love of motorsports along with some hearing protection so both will stay in good condition. You'll still get all the thrills without hurting your ears!

Plane Spotting

Plane spotters are an interesting group who have been around for decades. However, recently, due to health concerns- specifically hearing loss -their numbers dwindled significantly because plane-spotting enthusiasts use ear protection now while watching planes fly overhead.

The sounds of a jet engine can reach levels that are twice as loud as the recommended decibel level. This is why hearing health professionals encourage employees who work at airports and aerospace companies to wear hearing protection, which protects against high-frequency noise (instead of standard insert earplugs) since they're more effective in blocking out these types of noises.

Do It Yourself

We know you love to DIY and work on projects around the house. However, if your hobby includes using power tools such as drills or circular saws, you must wear ear protection! These kinds of equipment can produce more than 85 decibels above what our ears can handle without causing hearing damage.

Hearing health professionals recommend earplugs are an excellent idea for anyone who spends time in the workshop on weekends. Even if you're only an amateur, wearing hearing protection will reduce your risk of noise-induced hearing loss while allowing you to enjoy working with power tools without putting yourself at risk.