When it comes to your hearing health, simply choosing a hearing device is only part of the battle. You then need to make sure you care for the hearing aid correctly. That is exactly why we have put this guide together. Continue reading to find out five useful tips on hearing aid care so that you can look after your device correctly. 

Clean Your Hearing Aid Before You Go to Bed

The first piece of advice is to clean and inspect your hearing aid before you go to bed. When you clean your device before bed, you give the hearing aid the opportunity to dry out fully. This is why it is a good time to do your daily cleaning!

Book an Appointment with a Hearing Health Professional If You Notice Any Issues

If you notice any issues with your hearing device, do not simply ignore them. Instead, you should book an appointment with a hearing health professional at the earliest opportunity. After all, the last thing you want is for the issue to get worse and worse to the point whereby you have a very expensive repair on your hands. Instead, taking your hearing aid to your hearing health professional is the best way to ensure that everything is in great working order so that you do not have to worry. It could simply be that your device needs to be re-programmed, but it is better to have a hearing health professional take a look at it. 

Do Not Use Pointed Objects to Remove Wax from the Device

You should never use the likes of scissors or a needle to remove wax from the device. Instead, there are special brush kits that have been developed for use with hearing aids, so we highly recommend that you get one of these otherwise you can end up causing damage to the device. 

Don’t Use Alcohol-Based Cleaners

In addition to the points that we have mentioned so far, it is also important to stay away from cleaners that contain chemicals or alcohol. Often, these cleaners are too strong and they can end up causing damage to your hearing device, which is the last thing you want. Again, you can get cleaners that have been specifically designed for hearing aids. 

Follow the Instructions That Come with the Device

Finally, when you purchased your hearing aid, you would have received care instructions. As every hearing device is made differently, it makes sense to follow the instructions that came with your device. If you cannot find the instructions that came with your device, don’t worry; they tend to be very easy to find online today. Alternatively, you may want to get in touch with your hearing aid manufacturer for more information. 

We hope that the advice we have provided above will help you to get as many years as possible out of your hearing aid.