Do you find yourself asking those around you to repeat a conversation over and over again? There are many reasons to seek services from an audiologist to help you gain clarity in hearing once again.


If you experience hearing loss, you might notice that social interactions, gatherings, and outings have become increasingly difficult and frustrating. Perhaps you have begun to decline invitations. You spend time with others less and less while staying home more and more. You become isolated and withdrawn. When you experience hearing loss, you also experience the side effects of missing out, thus leading to dissatisfaction and a loss of happiness and a connection to the outside world.

When you are unable to hear parts of the world around you, you will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to put the missing words into a puzzling sentence. This will further lead to you missing out on opportunities to engage and live your best life. Activities such as dining out become nearly impossible due to the background noise. You may begin to feel left out of the dinner conversation or interaction as a whole.


When you have hearing loss, you are likely to rely on those around you to repeat or translate muted words. These repeated interactions can become difficult for those people, as well. They are constantly put in a position to repeat words that have just been said. Often they have to speak quite loudly or even yell. You become so reliant on their assistance that they begin missing opportunities to socialize at parties or gatherings because they are assisting you. This can quickly become a strain on everyone.


When you are unable to hear and have to strain constantly for words being said you start to wear down. Experiencing hearing loss can lead to fatigue due to the efforts you make to hear each day. Chronic fatigue may bring on health problems.  

At healthcare visits, it is critical that you hear what your provider is saying. When discussing your health, you need to hear so that you can be an active participant in your care.


Daily activities such as crossing the street generally include the use of your functioning senses. You look both ways before crossing the street, of course. But another part of the process is listening. You may listen for the programmed tones or clicks that emit from the crosswalk signal. More likely, however, is that you listen for oncoming vehicle sounds. What would happen if you were not able to hear an approaching vehicle well enough to navigate your world safely? Furthermore, what if a bystander saw you begin to step in front of a vehicle and called out to you – but you could not hear them? When you have the ability to hear and hear well with the aid of quality hearing aids, it is a significant factor in your overall health and safety on a daily basis.

Talk to your audiologist about your hearing aid options. Do not miss out on life’s most precious moments. Get the resources you need to live the life you want.