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Hearing Care Services

Hearing Assessment

The assessment is done to determine if a hearing loss is present and, if so, to detail the type and severity of the hearing loss. It also may provide insight into the cause of the hearing loss as well as provide guidance for making appropriate treatment recommendations- or referrals to other professionals.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

To understand hearing aids, consumers need to know how they function. This is part of the dispensing and fitting process, which also includes the final programming for the chosen device. Live speech mapping is a process used to help finalize the programming. Every individual has a different reaction to hearing devices, so the first impression is the most important.

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Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

When a hearing device breaks, there should already be a backup plan in motion. Prevention is the first part of the plan and includes careful maintenance of the most sensitive components. When that fails, users can always use onsite repairs for a quick turnaround to minor issues. Advanced repair is a little lengthier, and requires sending the device off to the manufacturer. This is where insurance steps in and loaner hearing aids are discussed.

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Industrial Hearing Screening

Some jobs have mandatory hearing screenings. When dealing with the heavy machinery of an industrial job, hearing is at risk. Long term noise exposure can cause permanent damage to one or both ears. Industrial jobs take steps to prevent this problem as mandated by local and state laws. If something is found, individuals can get further testing done at their leisure.

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Live Speech Mapping

Live speech mapping is a more efficient way to program new hearing aids. This makes the initial fitting process more accurate and less invasive. Professionals can see audio from the hearing aids in real time. It is an important difference in technology that makes an individual’s personal hearing experience the priority.

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